Fief Protocol Docs


NOTE: These docs only focus on the dapp layer of Fief Protocol -- Fiefverse-related game information is available on the Fief site and blog.
Fiefverse is the gaming layer of the Fief Protocol (pure DeFi is boring). It’s an open world RPG built around an ever-expanding collection of explorable worlds. Players can travel to different locations based on their interests and equipped Avatar.
We’re tired of web3 metaverses with nothing to do and no structured economic layer. We should be able to explore, adventure, and visit a host of experiences while collecting rewards that seamlessly plug into other web3 applications. With the Fiefverse, you can do all of that and more.
  • Explore dungeons and fight enemies to get awesome loot (NFTs and IP)
  • Join competitive multiplayer game modes and win prizes
  • Build up your corner of the Fiefverse (literally)
  • Hang out with friends in one of the many Chillzones
  • Use the gasless auction house to max bid on your favorite weapons
...the possibilities are endless.
Actions and demand for IP within the Fiefverse are what ultimately tie our decentralized applications together.