Fief Docs
Fief Strategy
Fief's strategy is anchored in the concepts of economic gaming and decentralized protocol-fueled metaverse asset utility.
Fief differs from other metaverse guilds in the following ways:
  • We are protocol-first. Instead of relying upon "Scholarship Programs," which force users into disadvantagoues roles within a limited number of game titles, Fief is focused on leveraging protocols to add value to the metaverse.
  • We are big on gamification. It's not enough for Fief to simply participate in the metaverse through delivery of protocols. In order to be self-sufficient and to provide a substantial amount of rewards to our users, we lean heavily into development of our own internal games. These games allow us to introduce major utility for FIEF while adding on ramps for interopability between the third-party projects we support.

Fief Team

Fief is comprised of a growing team of experts across subject areas including asset management, NFT economics, NFT gaming, smart contract development and more. Our team has worked on leading DeFi protocols, led funds with AUMs in the hundreds of millions, and pioneered many of the concepts that are now prevalent across the NFT market.
Interested in joining the Fief core team or as an independent contributor? Please contact us via email at [email protected]
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