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Fief is a metaverse project devoted to building on-chain and in-game experiences that are unlike others found across the metaverse. Included within Fief is Fiefdom, Fief Protocol, and the FIefverse.

  • Fiefdom is a network built on top of Layer 2 blockchain Arbitrum that uses FIEF as a gas token.

  • Fief Protocol is a multi-chain platform for trading and earning rewards on metaverse assets with decentralized fee share via FIEF token.

  • Fiefverse is a voxel game universe that features both primary game titles developed by Fief and UGC content. The Fiefverse features a system of interconnected sub-worlds, each with their own owners, assets, and economies.

Fief Protocol dapps unlock utility and liquidity for in-game items while the Fiefverse drives engagement and transactional activity to generate a sustainable source of yield for these dapps.

Both the Fief Protocol and Fiefverse leverage Influence Points, an off-chain currency that can be used to buy in-game assets, access dapps, and enhance reward outcomes.

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