FIEF Bridging

NOTE: details on bridging to Fiefdom will be available prior to mainnet launch.

The Fief Token (FIEF) is a multi-chain token. Fief is using the permissionless Wormhole bridge (Portal) to ferry FIEF in between Ethereum and Avalanche (c-chain).

You can find the link for the Portal bridge UI here:

Fief is using the official Arbitrum bridge to ferry FIEF between Ethereum and Arbitrum.

You can find the link for the Arbitrum bridge UI here:

AVAX <> ETH Bridging Steps

Bridging FIEF between Avalanche and Ethereum is a 4-step process, as detailed in the screen grab above.

The first step is the most important as it requires you to choose which direction you wish to travel across the bridge and choose a token to bridge between networks. Steps 2-4 are more automated and allow you to simply follow the prompts to see them through to the end.

Please note: transferring in either direction requires you to have a small amount of both AVAX and ETH.

The image above depicts the input screen for the contract address of the FIEF you want to bridge. This contract address will be different based on which direction you are traveling across the bridge.

To convert Avalanche c-chain FIEF (Wormhole) to Ethereum mainnet FIEF (FIEF), plug in this address: 0xa69D3DF658CA810aFcC42D8Bf5F604dDE382Bd26

To convert Ethereum mainnet FIEF (FIEF) to Avalanche c-chain FIEF (Wormhole), plug in this address: 0xeA068Fba19CE95f12d252aD8Cb2939225C4Ea02D

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