Fief Protocol Docs


FIEF is the official utility token of Fief Protoco. FIEF can be staked to unlock voting rights and earn DeFi & game rewards.
On August 17, 2022 -- FIEF was migrated to become a mainnet Ethereum ERC-20 token. Please confirm you are using the correct FIEF before completing any transactions.
PLEASE NOTE: The token address of the NEW FIEF token on Ethereum is the same as the OLD token address on Avalanche (0xeA068Fba19CE95f12d252aD8Cb2939225C4Ea02D). However, if you are transacting on Avalanche moving forward, you must now use the bridged version (0xa69D3DF658CA810aFcC42D8Bf5F604dDE382Bd26).
NEW Contract Information

Global Utility

  • Reward token for decentralized applications
  • When staked, FIEF produces Influence Points (IP), which can be spent across the Fief platform.
  • When staked, FIEF also produces sFIEF, which can be used for governance in the future.