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The Fief Token ("FIEF") is a utility and reward currency that ties into the productivity of Fief's decentralized protocols. FIEF is the main game currency for Fief: Blood and Coin, in addition to all future Fief game titles.
On August 17, 2022 -- FIEF was migrated to become a mainnet Ethereum ERC-20 token. Please confirm you are using the correct FIEF before completing any transactions.
PLEASE NOTE: The token address of the NEW FIEF token on Ethereum is the same as the OLD token address on Avalanche (0xeA068Fba19CE95f12d252aD8Cb2939225C4Ea02D). However, if you are transacting on Avalanche moving forward, you must now use the bridged version (0xa69D3DF658CA810aFcC42D8Bf5F604dDE382Bd26).
NEW Contract Information
OLD Contract Information (DO NOT USE)

Global Utility

  • Payments within the Fief economy
  • Reward token for decentralized protocol and Faction productivity
  • When staked, an access and game utility token within Fief's protocols and on-chain segments of our game titles.
We believe FIEF has the opportunity to become the most pervasive (and productive) token of the metaverse. Towards this end, we will be working to engrain FIEF into as many metaverse token economies as possible.

Game Utility

An in-game, off-chain version of FIEF called Fief Gold (GOLD) will be used across all of Fief's game titles.
FIEF will be the only fungible token that will be available to be withdrawn from our game titles, an important element for creating sustainable games with real-world economies.
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Global Utility
Game Utility