Fief Docs
Unlike the Farmers and Craftsmen, the Merchants prospered under the Monarchy. They were the direct beneficiaries of the Queen’s economic structure - she allowed them to fix prices and markets to their collective benefit. The Merchants are now threatened by the financial enfranchisement of what they view as the “baser” factions.
Now that the Queen is dead, so too is their complete monopoly over the markets. They can no longer unfairly mark up prices or skim exorbitant commissions. Instead they must actively seek to meet their customers' needs - they must negotiate, maintain supply to meet demand, and even travel abroad to procure rare foreign goods and materials. For if the Merchants can’t maintain the prosperity of the marketplace, another faction will step in and take control.

Features & Abilities

Guild Features
  • Merchants earn fees on trading activity performed on the Fief Marketplace. This includes first and third-party assets, once they are introduced.
  • Merchants earn rewards associated with Exploration game actions performed by all users.
Special Assets & Abilities
  • Coming Soon!
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