Fief Docs
Fief Units
  • Fief Units are required to complete actions on land plots by placing them inside of dedicated Building slots.
    • Each Fief Unit has a corresponding level that determines its skill or productivity. The more/better Fief Units you place in your Building, the more productive your land plot becomes.
  • To produce Fief Units, a user must have a Unit House slot on their land and fill the slot with the appropriate Unit House building. Producing Units will cost a variety of materials and resources, including FOOD and GOLD.
  • Fief Units are game action-specific. All land holders will be able to use all types of Units, depending on their land's makeup.
  • Each Unit type has an associated item technology tree. Items are not necessary to complete actions but add to the overall productivity of the Unit.
  • Users can acquire Fief Units through Fief Crates (limited supply) or via secondary markets from land holder-producers.
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