Fief Protocol Docs

Metaverse Season Pass

The Metaverse Season Pass is a new NFT-based point system where users earn tokenized and/or off-chain rewards within a defined timeframe.
Inspired by the Battle Pass concept made popular in mainstream game titles such as Fortnite and the Call of Duty series, the Metaverse Season Pass allows users to progress through reward tiers at rates determined by the quantity and type of NFTs they hold.
Each Season will feature rewards such as FIEF, IP, collectibles, Avatar Gear, and third-party NFTs & in-game currencies. Fief intends to focus its business development efforts to bring on major game partners to sponsor Seasons with in-game rewards, whether through direct marketing budget giveaways, Season Pass revenue share, or exclusive sales and discounts.

Protocol Integration

In the current model, point progression is fairly straightforward as determined by the types of NFTs a user holds.
However, the Metaverse Season Pass concept opens the door for a wide range of protocol integrations across Fief.
As an example, there could be a situation where users are able to amplify their points/period by staking FIEF — the more FIEF you stake, the more rewards you can accrue. We are excited to explore these concepts further, bringing a new facet of gamified utility to the traditional protocol layer.