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Fief Marketplace
The Fief Marketplace is a NFT marketplace available on the Avalanche c-chain and soon to be available on Ethereum mainnet. Currently, only primary guild assets are available for purchase via the Fief Marketplace.
Fief plans to release peer-to-peer trading following for more robust economic activity.

Fee Structure

The Fief Marketplace is under the control of the Merchant Faction, which recieves a percentage of most transactions.
For primary guild asset sales, Fief will commonly provide a breakdown of expected fee distribution for that particular sale series. When peer-to-peer trading is enabled, a standard fee will be announced for all transactions.
In addition to Merchant Faction fee rewards, a percentage of peer-to-peer transactions will be distributed to FIEF single-sided staking and to Fief Transmutation Protocols.


In time, Fief aims to make the Fief Marketplace a multi-chain protocol by allowing payment options from multiple EVM-compatible network tokens.
We are actively exploring opportunities to expand Fief's footprint in this regard.
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Fee Structure