Fief Docs
The Farmers are a hardy, resourceful collection of people whose close-knit families have worked the fields of Vitruvia for generations. Farmers take great pride in knowing that their work - the food they harvest, the lumber they fell, the game they hunt - provides the lifeblood that sustains the city.
They are the largest faction of the Guild – and they are the poorest. For centuries they’ve lived beneath the oppressive boot of the monarchy, relegated to the outskirts of the city - until now. In the wake of the uprising, Vitruvia is ripe with unprecedented economic opportunity. Now the Farmers have a chance to claim a voice and influence that for so long seemed out of reach.

Features & Abilities

Guild Features
  • Farmers earn rewards from Fief Guild's protocols related to virtual worlds and land.
  • Farmers earn rewards from Resource Gathering actions performed by all users.
Special Assets & Abilities
  • Coming Soon!
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