Fief Docs
The second largest Faction of the Guild is the Craftsmen. Relying heavily upon the raw materials cultivated by the Farmers, the Craftsmen are an eclectic and diverse group of fervent builders and imaginative designers. The Craftsmen make their living designing and constructing everything from household items to the houses that hold them to the equipment and infrastructure that connect and fortify the bustling city of Vitruvia.
Under the monarchy, the Craftsmen were largely underrepresented in government, and were prevented from peddling their wares directly in a free market. However, now that The Queen has been deposed, the Craftsmen are unbridled in what they can produce and with whom they are allowed to do business. At last they have their chance to fashion a fortune worthy of their past and present contributions to the city - after all, they literally built the place.

Features & Abilities

Guild Features
  • Craftsmen earn rewards from Fief Guild's protocols related to in-game NFTs.
  • Craftsmen earn rewards from Crafting actions performed by all users.
Special Assets & Abilities
  • Coming Soon!
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