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The smallest of the Factions. The Pious. The Devout. The Bishops have existed for as long as The Monarchy, rising together and working in concert to amass great wealth and power. Some say they were even the “hidden hand” that truly ruled Vitruvia, as the Bishops used their influence to compel the Crown into imposing their radical theological views into the Rule of Law. The Bishops have long believed that only those who pay proper tribute to their church are entitled to a prosperous life - Apostates, Outsiders, and the Underclass are therefore undeserving.
In the wake of the Queen’s overthrow, the Bishops have thus far been able to retain their role as Vitruvia’s Masters of Coin. They still enforce a city-wide taxation system and control much of the monetary policy set in Vitruvia. However, with the rise of the free market and the growing ambitions of the other Factions, their grip on power is beginning to loosen. It is now up to The Bishops to reassert their dominance, or follow the Monarchy into ruin.

Features & Abilities

Guild Features
  • Bishops earn fees on select protocols related to fungible tokens within the Fief Guild, including through exchange and lending concepts.
  • Bishops earn global fees from all trading activity on Fief's decentralized exchange.
  • Bishops earn fees on FIEF staking activity.
Special Assets & Abilities
  • Coming Soon!
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