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The Alchemists are the scientists of Vitruvia. Amongst their ranks are healers, chemists, botanists, astronomers and inventors, to name a few. They are master problem solvers in possession of a seemingly limitless store of knowledge, the collected result of years of study and experimentation. Across the centuries they have stymied plagues, famines, and numerous enemies at the city gates. The Monarchy long held them in high esteem for their contributions to the health and well being of the city, but was always wary of them, for there are rumors that many of the Alchemist's finest solutions were achieved through nefarious and otherworldly magic. For this reason they faced persecution multiple times through the years, especially at the hands of the religious faction, The Bishops.
Though neither as numerous nor as subjugated as the Farmers and Craftsmen, they are still ostracized. Typically they are found cloistered in their Tower, locked in meditation and study. However now that the monarchy has fallen and a more open minded sentiment is sweeping the populace, they are beginning to emerge, hungry for power and acceptance.

Features & Abilities

Guild Features
  • Alchemists earn rewards on all gamified DeFi protocols that Fief Guild develops.
  • Alchemists earn rewards from Conjuring game actions performed by all users.
Special Assets & Abilities
  • Coming Soon!
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