Fief Docs
Lore Introduction
For a millenia, the city of Vitruvia has lived under the despotic rule of an evil monarchy. Through unfair taxation, relentless policing, and religious fear-mongering, a Royal Family amassed a fortune at the expense of generations of good, common people.
The story of Fief: Blood and Coin begins in the aftermath of a violent coup that resulted in the sweeping execution of the Royal Family, its court, nobles and remaining supporters. Stepping into the resulting power vacuum were the orchestrators of this coup, a group known as… The Guild, an organization comprising and representing FIVE FACTIONS of commerce that provide the lifeblood of the city.
These Factions are:
THE FARMERS, who produce the city’s food and harvest its natural resources. THE CRAFTSMEN, who manufacture the goods and devices that allow the city to run. THE MERCHANTS, who facilitate trade and set the prices in the city’s thriving marketplace. THE ALCHEMISTS, who heal and provide scientific solutions to problems, (and are rumored to also possess knowledge of magic). THE BISHOPS, who profit from the population’s desire to access the divine. They are the wealthiest of the factions.
Unfortunately, the noble and altruistic vision that led to the Guild’s formation was quickly compromised by the base desires and competitive nature of the players involved. Now an uneasy alliance exists within the organization, as each faction vyes for economic supremacy within the Guild and across the city.
Enter… YOU.
You have heard that prosperity abounds in the new Vitruvia, and that the free market there can make you a fortune beyond your wildest dreams and desires.
But soon after you walk through the city’s gates, you are faced with a choice: WHICH FACTION WILL YOU JOIN?
Does the Farmer in you prefer to work the land? Does your pious upbringing compel you to pledge fealty to the Bishops? Or perhaps you’re a handy Craftsman? Or a well-traveled, sophisticated Merchant who is keen to haggle? Or maybe you're drawn to the mystical and potentially dark magic that underscores the work of the Alchemists?
No matter which Faction you choose, you must prepare yourself to be swept up in the ongoing power struggle for financial dominance and ultimate control of the city. This is the world of Fief: Blood and Coin.
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