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Initial Guild Membership (IGM) NFTs are early-edition reward NFTs (ERC-721) that provided the first access point for guild rewards and perks.
IGMs were originally designed to provide holders with perpetual, adhoc rewards, in addition to a 200-day distribution of the Fief token (FIEF). Multiple whitelist and free NFT opportunities were made available to IGM holders between April-June, 2022.
In July 2022, Fief upgraded its system to establish a more systematic approach to the sourcing and distribution of primary & third-party tokenized rewards through the Metaverse Season Pass.
On August 31, 2022, all unsold IGMs were forever removed from circulation. This provides all IGM purchasers with a clear path towards secondary market liquidity and makes the IGM an even more exclusive membership NFT.
Below are the upgraded forms of IGM rewards.

200-Day FIEF Distribution

All IGMs purchased prior to August 31, 2022 receive 200 days of FIEF distribution according to the table found here.
FIEF can be claimed once daily (every 24 hours) until the 200 days has concluded. The FIEF rewards follow the IGM and accrue regardless of which wallet the token

Perpetual Season Pass

With the Metaverse Season Pass, access to rewards becomes a dynamic process where users need to constantly re-up their membership each Season.
But this is NOT the case for IGM holders, who will enjoy perpetual access to Season rewards moving forward. That’s right — as a big thank you for being an early believer in Fief, your IGM will serve as a perpetual Season Pass, providing you with a base level of rewards that can be further expanded by adding individual Season Pass NFTs, if so desired.
Additionally, IGM holders will enjoy a far greater FIEF distribution than what was originally allocated to any single IGM. This is due to the fact that a primary method of distributing FIEF will now be through Season reward tiers, thus you will be able to keep stacking FIEF far after your 200-day primary rewards have concluded.
Season Pass points/period for IGMs is highlighted in the table below:
IGM Rarity

Fief Land

Each IGM receives two plots of land:
  1. 1.
    Plot 1: a rarity- and Oath Faction-matched plot. As an example, a Legendary holder will receive a Legandary land plot with Faction determined by the Oath held in the receiving wallet.
  2. 2.
    Plot 2: an Oath Faction-matched but random rarity plot. This means that an Uncommon IGM holder has a chance of claiming a land plot of any rarity.
These plots allow IGM holders to maximize their guild rewards by participating in Blood and Coin game activities, in addition to accessing Faction-based fee rewards. Lands will be claimable on Ethereum following the initial land sale planned for later this year.

Exclusive Access

Owning an IGM grants you exclusive access to IGM-only Discord channels, AMAs, and more. Fief's intends to expand upon this list of exclusive access perks as the guild grows.
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