Fief Docs
Fief Land
Land is an ERC-721 NFT based on Ethereum that is required to participate in Fief: Blood and Coin. Owning land is required to participate in guild land play, which includes accessing concentrated fee share rewards from Faction protocols.
All lands contains a rarity-based number of Building slots. The rarity of land also determines an associated yield multiplier for all buildings placed -- the more rare the land, the better the base multiplier.
Building slots accept a wide range of Building types that allow users to collect Faction-based fee rewards and complete game actions, such as Resource Gathering, Item Crafting, etc.
In short, the more rare your land, the more productive it can become. Users are able to purchase, hold and manage multiple lands at a time.
Land Rarity

Land Sale

The official land sale will occur on Ethereum later this year, natively on the Ethereum version of the Fief Marketplace.
Lands for all factions will be available for purchase at a single price-point (to be unveiled). Purchasing land will not be segmented into rarities; instead, rarities will be unveiled after each sale batch.
This introduces chance variables into the sale mechanism, allowing users of all sizes an opportunity to acquire rarer land.
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